Francia Raisa With Unconditional Love: For Both Boyfriend And Selena Gomez

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Francia Raisa With Unconditional Love: For Both Boyfriend And Selena Gomez

American actress Francia Raisa, who won a Gracie Allen Award for Outstanding Female Rising Star for her role in The Secret Life of the American Teenager not only has an acting career just like her dad but also shares a love that has awed many. 

Francia shares romance with her boyfriend whom she has been dating for some time now along with an unconditional love for her best friend, Selena Gomez.

Romance With Boyfriend

Francia Raisa, best known for her role as Leti in the film, Bring It On: All or Nothing has a love life, which she prefers to keep at the bay for her fans. Francia first lets her fans in her romance when she posted a portrait with her man during the holidays.

Francia has been seeing Chris Adkins, who is a cinematographer working behind the scenes. Even though the pair has not revealed how they met and fell in love it has come it light that Yara Shahidi had a little hand in it. 

As it turns out that the pair has been dating for a few months now. The couple made the relationship official through an Instagram post in December 2017. 

Francia Raisa with boyfriend Chris Adkins on Chrismas (Photo: Francia Raisa's Instagram)

Well, the very next day the couple even shared a quick kiss when they were enjoying the 12 degrees weather at Indianapolis. The kiss was shared in the Instagram stories when the snow was falling. 

Adding to it, even though the pair could not spend Valentine's Day together, Chris sent a bunch of red roses for Franchia that surely made her day. 

Well, Francia, who has a net worth of $3 million, sure seems to grab as many moments as possible with her boyfriend. 

Lending Hand To Selena Gomez

Well, metaphorically speaking Francia Raisa did lend a hand to Selena Gomez.

But speaking literally Francia gave her kidney to her best friend, Selena. Fancia met Selena when she was starring in ABC's The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Selena was doing her shows in Disney.

During that time, Disney and ABC family had the stars of their shows to the children's hospital where they both met and just had some talk together. After that Francia kept running into Selena and after few meetings both decided to hang out together.

Since then, they both have been inseparable. After decades of friendship, they both moved in together and were cohabiting. That is when Selena's lupus began to take a turn for the worse.

Selena needed a new kidney to survive, and the waitlist for the kidney was seven to ten years. Well, Francia decided that she would go for a test and save a life. Francia's kidney match and both went for surgery.

Through various complications, both had their surgery. For them, recovery was not as easy as it was expected, but Francia along with Selena stayed strong and went through it bravely.