Where Is Jean Muggli Now After Outrageous Divorce Deal That Made History?

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Where Is Jean Muggli Now After Outrageous Divorce Deal That Made History?

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth 1965
  • Nationality American
  • Ethnicity/Race White
  • Sister/s Denise Muggli
  • Son/s Isabella Strahan
  • Daughter/s Sophia Strahan
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Divorce/Split Yes (Once)
  • Boyfriend Not Known
  • Ex-Husband Michael Strahan(m.1999–2006)
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • Height/ How Tall? N/A
  • Weight N/A
  • Hair Long
  • Lesbian No

Tangling with high profile celebrities certainly brings some attention! 

For Jean Muggli, attention swarmed came after her divorce with TV personality and former NHL player, Michael Strahan made headlines. Jean's divorce reached to such hype that it became one of the most elongated sagas in 2006, which kept the audiences hooked up to their TV sets for further developments.

But after a significant monetary settlement, Jean just disappeared from the public eyes. What happened to her after the divorce? Where is Jean now?

If that's ringing your curiosity, then this article serves you all!

Fairytale Love Ended In Ugly Divorce 

It was love at first sight!

Michael Strahan first saw Jean working as a shop attendant in a skin care salon and spa in Manhattan in 1999 and fell for her. Michael then-visited Jean's salon continuously for a month was purchasing endless soap bars. In an interview with beta.nydailynews.com in March 2005, Jean recalling the moment stating, 

 "I figured either he was the cleanest man on the planet or he wanted to ask me out. I was not into athletes. But I learned very fast that he is not your typical macho kind of athlete."

He finally gathered the courage to ask her out, and the rest was history. 

Jean Muggli pictured with her then-husband Michael Strahan in 2003 (Photo:dailymail.com)

Later, in the same year, i.e., 1999, the couple tied the wedding knot and also became parents to lovely twin daughters - Isabella and Sophia - in 2004. The duo was believed to be the best celebrity couple, who even got labeled as the best celebrity couples in Manhattan.

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However, all of that changed when surprising news emerged in March 2005. As per reports, Jean had called the police for help after her husband had threatened to abuse her.

She reported that her husband had physically abused her; punched her in the face and produced past pictures of her covered with bruises. She further added that Michael's abuse damaged her kidney and was left vomiting blood for several days.

Similarly, Jean also claimed the failure of their marriage by stating her husband's waning interest in her as he refused to sleep with her. She even accused during the trials that Michael had put a camera in their bedroom and had filmed her sister's undressing in 1997. 

But, Michael Strahan counterclaimed that he was asking for an explanation to his wife after she withdrew $3.3 million and was the one who filed for the divorce. 

After an ugly saga that provided numerous twists and turns, the judges brushed away the claims of physical assault against Michael but granted a divorce to the couple in 2006. 

However, the host of ABC's game show, The $100,000 pyramid opened up about his divorce in 2012 and stated that all accusations labeled at him at that time were false. And in an interview with HBO's real sports he said:

“I think early on when you’re reading all these things in the paper that aren’t true — I’m not an adulterer. I’m not gay. I mean, I didn’t beat anybody.”

Not only was the couples fall from grace a headline, but the amount of money involved in settlement of divorce was also outrageous.

The judges granted her alimony of $15 million and a monthly sum of $18,000, for taking care of their daughters. The settlement money was one of the highest amount involved in a divorce. Even today, it is one of the most expensive divorces in the history of sports. 

What Is She Doing Now?

After their acrimonious and elongated divorce saga, Jean Muggli relocated from Texas to North Dakota, far away from her estranged husband. She remained low-key and was rarely seen in social events. She has devoted all her time to her daughters so that they get all the love and care.

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Similarly, she has also disabled her social media accounts to maintain her privacy.

Michael Strahan celebrating his twin daughters' birthday in 2018 (Photo: Michael Strahan's Instagram)

Despite an ugly divorce, she maintains a positive and friendly relationship with her ex-husband. Jean was described by her ex-husband as his best friend and called her a part of the family without being in a relationship.

Daughters Share Close Bond With Ex-Husband's Kids From First Marriage

Many might not know, but Jean isn't her ex-husband's only spouse. Between 1992 to 1996, Michael was in a marital relationship with Wanda Hutchins. They share two children: Tanita Strahan, age 27, and Michael Anthony Strahan, age 24.

Tanita holds a degree from the Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Meanwhile. Michael is pursuing a degree in psychology.

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Even though their twin daughters - Isabella and Sophia, age 15 - and her ex's children from the first marriage were raised apart, they seem to be very close to each other.

Speaking on the very matter, Michael - who invited Clemson University Tigers for a proper meal after learning about President Trump's fast food dinner party - once said:-

“You worry how the kids will mix and blend, but brothers and sisters are brothers and sisters regardless of different mothers.”

No wonder why Jean's ex-husband acknowledges their children for "giving him strength."

Relationship Alert!: Jean's Daughters' Father Is Dating Now

It is still unclear if Jean has moved on from the divorce from her ex-husband or not. Or maybe, she has opted to keep her relationship to herself.

Her ex-husband, Michael, on the other hand, hasn't been all that successful in hiding his relationship with a much younger girlfriend, Kayla Quick. Micheal and Kayla's relationship created quite the headline in 2016 after the pair were spotted vacationing together in St. Barts.

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They have been in an on-and-off relationship since 2015. Despite Kayla's criminal past, the pair has jelled very well, it seems.

That said, Micheal and Kayla rarely appear together in public. A rare exception transpired in February of 2018 when the pair were spotted leaving Dave Chappelle‘s New Year’s Eve party in Los Angeles.

Jean's ex-husband and his girlfriend outside the Dave Chapelle's New Year's Party (Photo:- Page Six)

Jean and her ex-husband's relationship may not be as mutual as they would have preferred. However, she hasn't let the fact come in between her ex-husband's relationship with their daughters. She even allows her daughters to accompany their father to red carpet events.

Most recently, Micheal and the daughters had attended the 2018 Kids' Choice Sports Awards.