Martin Clunes Talks Wife & Loving Daughter Moments, Married Life On Fleek

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English actor, Martin Clunes is best man portraying the role of Martin Ellingham in the ITV drama series Doc Martin and Gary Strang in Men Behaving Badly. He was married to .....But after ...years, the couple got divorced. Then he married to.....His shares a beautiful daughter named.....with wife.
Martin Clunes Talks Wife & Loving Daughter Moments, Married Life On Fleek

English actor, Martin Clunes is best for portraying the role of Martin Ellingham in the ITV drama series Doc Martin and Gary Strang in Men Behaving Badly.

In his highly acclaimed career, besides his acting, the actor's weight-loss and plastic surgery worked as a charisma to his decades of hard work.

And in his family, the Men Behaving Badly actor is a strict father who is looking after his daughter's manner and behavior. He is the doting father of the grown-up daughter and relishes his time with his family which also includes the many four-legged members.

First Married Life "Rotten"; Family Includes Second Wife And Daughter

Martin Clunes' crossed the two decades of togetherness with his second wife after experiencing the failed married life which he later described as "rotten." 

Actor Martin Clunes was married to actress Lucy Aston in 1990.  Within the three years of married life, the couple was struggling to stay together, and finally, the couple started to live separately since 1993 and divorced in 1997.  

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Martin Clunes with first-wife actress Lucy Aston in 1990 (Photo:

While the couple went on their separate way, he described his first marriage as "rotten" whereas his former-wife described to the newspaper that he would “snort cocaine before work in the mornings”.

After his divorce with Lucy, the late same year 1997, he exchanged the wedding vows to the Doc Martin producer Philippa Braithwaite and the following that year, in 1998 the couple welcomed a beautiful daughter named Emily.

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While speaking with the Manchester Evening News back in 2007, he recalled the moment that he first met his producer wife. While working together on the pre-production of the 1994 comedy film Staggered- his debut directorial film, the couple first met.

But it was his wife who persuaded him to go on a date. She asked him to go to the cinema and the couple went to watch the blockbuster Jurassic Park. He stated:

"It wasn't quite love at first sight - we were both in a different place, as it were, when we first caught sight of each other. But, certainly, I'd spotted that she was a very attractive woman." 

And eventually, he popped the question in Hawaii after she had a 16-hour flight and he recalled he realized that he would rather be with her rather than without her.

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The old couple who has already crossed their 50th age, they still marked their every anniversary including their Valentine's day. After their wedding, the couple bought a 130-acre working farm in Dorset and currently lives with his wife and daughter.

His farm is populated with cows, horses, sheep, dogs, chickens, and dogs. He described his farming life as the happiest life.

Martin with wife Philippa Braithwaite and daughter Emily in 2017 (Photo: 

While the actor is hovering with his old age, he found the best partner in his 20-years-old daughter Emily. While talking with Radio Times back in 2015, he described that he relies on her daughter to play him the new music. 

Also, he gushed that he is a very strict father and he strictly checks on his daughter's manner and working habit. 

“Very strict. About manners and stuff like that. About working hard. But she’s seen Philippa and I work hard, so I don’t think she’ll ever shy away from work.”

As of now, while he is double working in both farms and taking theTV projects, his life with daughter cherishes his old life.

Weight Loss Amid Plastic Surgery; Net worth Counts Millions Dollar

While he is strict on his daughter's manner, he also adopted the strictness in his well-being. Back in 2012, when the actor, aged 56 rocked the media with his dramatic weight loss, he left his followers with the assumption that he might be suffering from an illness. 

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Martin Clunes' weight loss (Photo:

Later on, he revealed that his perfect body slim body was the result of adopting a healthy eating habit of 5:2 diet. He cried over his miserable days of being fat when he used to have pain in knees. He said:

‘I was fat – and while I was getting heavy, I had tired knees and stuff. So I thought I’d try that diet and the weight came off. I lost about three stone in as many months. It’s great – and it’s supposed to be good for cholesterol, too.’

In  2017, he self-claimed that he would be doing  6:1 diet and his work in the farm has benefitted his physical movement which seems to have added an essence to his weight loss.

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In addition to weight loss, he also decided to go through the knife i.e. plastic surgery to keep the charm of the stardom alive. And with his new fleshy lips and jug-ears, he made an impressive TV career with the hits Doc Martin and Men Behaving Badly.

It seems the plastic surgery and weight loss has worked as an essence to his career which made him the owner of $ 15 million net worth.