Comedian Rickey Smiley: Why is He Not Married Yet? Too Busy Or Just Waiting for Perfect Wife?

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The funny man Ricky smiley, a comic on the prowl and also being a radio show host has rumors going about him dating. Is the woman someone we know or is this just another celebrity secret relationship hiding from the public eye.
Comedian Rickey Smiley: Why is He Not Married Yet? Too Busy Or Just Waiting for Perfect Wife?

The funnyman Ricky Smiley, a comic on the prowl and also being a radio show host has rumors going about him dating. Is the woman someone we know or is this just another celebrity secret relationship hiding from the public eye.

Having children of his own with no baby mama in sight, is he looking for the perfect woman? And is he planning on getting married anytime soon? We have more detail ahead.

Yet-To-Be Married Rickey's Dating History; DV Allegations By Girlfriend

There usually are many rumors about famous celebrities who father their children, let alone be single, but Ricky Smiley is the keen comedian who is exactly just that.

Being naturally funny is not the only thing in the news as Ricky has been rumored to have some sort of secret relationship with his co-host Claudia Jordon. He explains in his hilarious way why that is, in fact, he would not date his co-host.

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There are rumors however about his private life, that he might be a sugar daddy for a girl who claims to be in a relationship with Rickey Smiley on 12th December 2016. She has said he has an online profile on looking for women.

With picture and proof with evidence, the unnamed woman says, Smiley is an abuser and that he mistreats women for his own pleasures. Rickey has not given any attention towards this new allegations nor cared enough about this rumors made towards him.

The comedian has not made any moves in marriage or has not said anything relationship wise on what he plans to do in the future, but he does have a few tips and shows what kind of woman he plans on dating in the future.

There was, however, rumor to date Maria Taylor. As she posts out on a tweet, she made on the 15th December 2016 when she was on the Rickey Smiley Show as Rickey talks about his fears of snakes and landing a date with Maria Taylor.

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He has more advice for his fellow single men out in the world on how to date, where he said;

  “If you can’t pay for a meal, you shouldn’t take nobody out on a date,”

Jokingly added,

 “ Netflix and chill’ is cheap … you probably doing ‘Netflix and chill’ at her place. You can’t even do ‘Netflix and chill’ at your place because you still live with your mama. He doin ‘Netflix and chili’ … Ya’ll watch a movie but your mama cooking some chili.”

Speaking of girlfriends, in December 2016 the gossip site MTO published an article on Rickey after receiving information about his sugar daddy-sugar baby from his alleged girlfriend.

Rickey's yet to be named girlfriend accused the comedian of preying on young women and their needs. In retaliation, Rickey released a statement criticizing MTO. An excerpt from the statement read:

"Blogs [are] trying to ruin your brand and reputation just because they are thirsty for content.”

Rickey, however, didn't respond to the domestic violence accusation laid on him by his alleged girlfriend. 

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Calls Co-Host Wife Material; Porsha Replies

As of recent, Rickey's show Rickey Smiley For Real is set to make a return for a fifth season. The first episode of the new season airs on 30th November this year and features Crew the Brat, Juicy, Headkrack and Gary with Da Tea.

Rickey alongside his Rickey Smiley For Real co-stars (Photo:-

And also on the show will the viewers get to see Rickey's Dish Nation co-host, Porsha Williams. Interestingly enough Rickey once dubbed her a wife material.

Replying to Rickey's wife remark, Porsha said:

"I've heard that he thinks that I would be a great wife. I think that he'd be a great husband. He's an excellent father. So as far as having kids and wanting to pick the right dad, he would be the one. But I think that we're just friends, overall." 

Though the pair acknowledges the chemistry they have, time and again they have asserted that mixing pleasure with the business might not work.

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No Wife To Look After The Kids; Impressive Net Worth & Salary

Rickey Smiley is 48-year-old, started as a standup comedian, radio show host, an actor, and a presenter with two biological sons and two adopted daughters, D'essence Smiley, and Aaron Smiley, Brandon and Malik Smiley. He also adopted his brother’s son, Craig.

Rickey wishes his son a happy birthday (Photo:- Rickey Smiley's Twitter)
There are also some allegations made to him by stars that Rickey Smiley might be gay or bisexual or used the term on other celebrities as jokes and most scrubbed it off as nothing more than jokes, but some stars took it personally.

Rickey is still a radio show host in his studio, RICKEY SMILEY MORNING SHOW, best known for his Prank Phone Calls and still making it a hit on the during his comedic tours. His life of endless work and family time has his life kept busy, the last thing in his mind is having a girlfriend or getting a wife.

Even if most of his kids are with nieces and nephews, He still looks after all of the kids as his own. With a net worth of $7 million, having 2.5 million before in 2014 and with no given information on his salary, it may help in taking care of his children. 

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Working and taking care of the kids can be a difficult job, and to include dating another woman may take a lot out of Rickey Smiley. His two biological son's mother is still out of media attention, nor are they any records of who the mother of the children is.