Yris Palmer Relation History From Divorce With Husband To Current Awesome Dating Relationship Explained

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Makeup artist Yris Palmer—who founded the Star Lash Extensions–has experienced her fair share of struggles, nuances of relationships, and struggles to achieve work-life balance. 
Yris Palmer Relation History From Divorce With Husband To Current Awesome Dating Relationship Explained

Makeup artist Yris Palmer—who founded the Star Lash Extensions–has experienced her fair share of struggles, nuances of relationships, and struggles to achieve work-life balance. 

But one thing that she has done with poise is that she has learned to adapt and grow out of life’s hardships.

Now, she’s a happy girlfriend and a proud mother; however, it took some journey to reach the current space. Follow the article to know about the relationship history of the Star Lash Extensions founder. 

Yris Palmer would meet future husband Staforde Palmer

Love was inevitable for Yris Palmer when she met English soccer player Staforde Palmer in 2011. The latter already had a son from a previous relationship.

After their first meet in Las Vegas, the couple shortly started dating and eventually got engaged. While the fiancee Staforde had to live in the United Kingdom for his work, Yris stayed back in the United States. But the pair tried their best to grow their romance whenever they met.


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A post shared by @stafp

Even the half-world distant relationship couldn’t weaken their bond. Instead, they prospered their relationship into a much meaningful and stronger union. 

Yris finally traded “I’Dos” with Staforde Palmer in 2016

After dating each other for five years, Yris and Staforde decided to get married. 

They held the auspicious wedding in November 2016 at Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, California, Yris was super lucky to have exchanged the vows in her hometown that she adored with her heart.

Since May 2015, Staforde had been working with Display Innovations as a sales agent. In February 2016, he also joined SEV Laser Aesthetics as a partner. He would later play soccer in the country for the likes of Orange Country. 


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Previously in the United Kingdom, he had played for the teams such as Hayes and Yeading and Northwood  FC.

Yris unexpectedly got pregnant with Staforde

The newly wedded couple had a beautiful daughter Ayla Yris Palmer the following year. 

On her Youtube video titled “Answering Your IG Questions,” she shared, “I was a little shocked because I didn’t think I would get pregnant that soon, but when I found out it was a girl, I was over the moon."

My pregnancy with Ayla the first five months was rough. I was throwing up all day every day, anything...I couldn't even taste the water. I would literally throw up all day and then I would have to go get IV so like hydrate me like it was so bad. Then one day on my fifth month I woke up and it was gone. Then it was cool and then my delivery was a little rough. It was 36 hours in labor. I definitely got the epidural," she remembered.


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In another previous video of her titled “Becoming A Mom | Storytime,” she shared that she found it hard to balance her life as a working mother.

After Alya was born, Palmer went through a weight loss of around 15 pounds because of “morning sickness in the first few months. 

“I feel like I had a hard time adjusting to being a new mom, only because it really really changes your life. It not only changes your life; it changes your body…it changes everything,” she said. 

But it was the sense of motherhood she experienced that helped her overcome the “mom’s guilt” she felt.

“I’m hustling and I’m doing all of this for her and I hope one day she looks back and she’s like, ‘I want to be just like my mom.’ It makes me emotional because I feel like that is one of my goals in life…to make sure my daughter looks up to me,” she expressed.

Time factor might have killed their love story

Staforde and Yris’s fairy-tale love story came to an end privately.

That’s the reason why neither Yris nor Starforde has publicly shed light on the reason behind their divorce. Still, we could speculate that the culprit might have been each of their busy careers. 

When they decided to step up their relationship, the half-world distance couldn’t stop them to glue their bond through marriage. They had been visiting each other in the states and the United Kingdom for five years before tying up the knot. They had first met in Las Vegas in 2011.

But after a year of getting hitched, the pair’s daughter was born, and they faced a hard time balancing each other career and their own responsibilities towards their daughter. 

Yris, who finds it hard to move away from the Los Angelos culture, has spoken about the period and how it was tough for her to raise a child as a working mom. 

(Editorial Note: Yris and Starforde have not commented on the reason behind their divorce yet.) 

Yris and Starforde are Raising Their Children Amicably  

In the same video, “Answering Your IG questions, in 2020, Yris confirmed that he and Staforde had already separated.

 She added, “we have a beautiful co-parent relationship and we do a lot of stuff together as a family for Ayla.” The pair were seen teamed up to drop their daughter on her first day of school in 2019.

Yris found love again: her new relationship with Troy Daniels is captivating.

As love always has a way to find one, Yris is no exception. She is head over heels for her new boyfriend Troy Daniels, a professional Basketball player for Denver Nuggets. 


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Troy and Yris met when Troy was playing for the d. They made their acquaintance through their mutual friends Anastasia Karanikalaou, who is also a bestie to makeup mogul Kylie Jenner and Troy’s basketball mate Kyle Kuzma.

 The amazing couple couldn’t resist but fell in love shortly after their few dates.

Troy and Yris’s on Their first date night

During the YouTube Q&A session “Meet My Boyfriend,” the 30-year-old athlete elucidated his girlfriend Yris as “beautiful, stubborn and loving” who came across as a “sorted” person in her life. 

While asked about what Yris donned for their first-date, Troy couldn’t answer; however, Yris gave him the benefit of the doubt considering Delilah restaurant’s dark lighting in LA and the wine they had quaffed.

 Unlike Troy, we recall her skin-tight blue bodysuit with a hair-straight-down look because Yris took her to look to her Instagram handle and captioned it as “Bae night”.


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Yris and Troy lived together during Lockdown 

Yris and Troy lived together during the 2020 quarantine. Having each-other 24/7, the couple got a chance to comprehend one another better.

Post the lockdown period; Troy could answer most of the questions asked about Yris in her “Meet my boyfriend | Q&A” session. Troy could tell Yris’s dream job, which was to be an actress before Star Lash. He answered it right, saying Jennifer Lopez was Yris’s celebrity girl crush. 

The couple received a green signal from their family

During the session, the couple also disclosed that Ayla, Yris’s daughter from her previous marriage, finally approved her mother’s new boyfriend Troy. 

“She calls him Troy-Troy, the cutest thing”, said Yris. 

Troy acknowledged that his own daughter Amian Daniels from his previous romantic involvement made him comfortable being around kids. To that, Yris added,

“When you date people that have kids that they understand you do it better, they’re probably gonna care more about your kid, your situation, you know like a single person they’re not just gonna they’re not gonna relate to you as well and if they do it that’s amazing.”

He also shared that his mother admired Yris, and they frequently talked to her over the phone. In fact, Troy’s mother used to send recipes to Yris during the lockdown. 

Yris and Troy Makes All Of Us Jealous

It’s lovely to see the couple being happy and approved by their family. But many of us singles out there couldn’t resist ourselves from not getting overly jealous of their bonded chemistry


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The duo has shared pictures featuring romantic poses and love-filled emojis and written cheesy status for one another on social media. If that wasn’t enough, their intimate snuggles, kisses, hugs, and romantic moments together have filled their respective social media.