Ana Navarro Married Chief Boyfriend! Furtive Husband Revealed, A Wedding In Secrecy

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Ana Navarro Married Chief Boyfriend! Furtive Husband Revealed, A Wedding In Secrecy

Nicaraguan-born American politician Ana Navarro is also a commentator for various outlets such as CNN, ABC News including The View. Ana became an instant media sensation after an argument on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon regarding an explosive video relating to Doland Trump.

Long before she began opposing Trump, Ana, who is a Republican strategist, had her hands in the politics. Ana, along with her long-time boyfriend, has been around the political influence ever since the beginning working hand-in-hand with each other.   

Well, it seems like the couple has taken the next step in their relationship and looks forward to having a family of their own. 

Long-Time Romance With Partner

Ana Navaro, who became an American Citizen under a Reagan-Era Amnesty Program, has served in some Republican administrations. Apart from her work in the political world, she has a love life of her own. 

Ana has been involved in a romantic relationship wih her long-time partner, Gene Prescott. Gene is a Democratic fund-raiser who shares Baltimore's proprietor with Ana.

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They share an expensive Spanish revival along with a Mercedes and high-end golf cart in the suburb of Coral Gables. Gene, who previously bought the shuttered Biltmore, turned it into a bipartisan hub of political money circuit along with his girlfriend beside him.

The couple has been running the place since then and among their proudest achievements would be their guest list graced with the collection of Beltway boldface names. 

Over the years, they have been going strong with their business along with their romance. However, it is not known when the couple fell in love and began dating. But from the looks of it, it seems that they are to last forever.

It has also come to light that Ana lives with her possible husband in Coral Gables and sharing small sweet moments with him. With their long-time romance, there have been rumors of their wedding swirling around in the media. How true is it?

Wedding Bells For Ana - Soon To Be Married?

Well, Ana, who is at the age of 46, has been sharing romance with her boyfriend for a long time. As there has not been any news of their split from her new partner, it can be speculated that they are still together.

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Not only are they together, but they have now taken the next step in their relationship. It turns out the couple is finally ready to get married. Well, Ana's long-time partner Gene has presented her with an engagement ring asking her to marry him.

Ana revealed the news of her engagement through a post in social media. Recently in October, she shared the picture of her engagement ring while holding her fiance's hand. In the caption, she wrote,

"Yes, I have some happy personal news to share. And now, I have a wedding to plan!!! So much to do. So many options. So much to decide. Where do I start? #Bridezillatina"

Ana Navaro showing off her engagement ring. (Photo: Ana Navaro's Twitter)

Adding to it, she even posted a picture of a few bridal magazines as she looked ideas for her wedding. Likewise, she also posted a picture a wedding picture in which a bride poses up for a picture alongside her bridesmaid. Ana to her excitement revealed that her bridesmaids would be wearing something similar to it.