Been Married For Over A Decade Now, Rasheeda Shares Blissful Relationship With Husband And Kids

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Been Married For Over A Decade Now, Rasheeda Shares Blissful Relationship With Husband And Kids

There are many celebrity couples whose relationship is not as blissful as we see, but there are some who shares a harmonious relation with their partner which is something that every person wishes to have in their real life. 

In this regard, today we are highlighting American television personality, rapper and fashion designer Rasheeda Buckner-Frost aka Rasheeda’s married life.

Enjoys a blissful married life with Kirk Frost:

In the year 1999, Rasheeda tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Kirk Frost who is a singer, songwriter, and rapper by profession. The owner of D-Lo Entertainment, Kirk is also popular as a regular cast member of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” a VH1 reality series.

The only legally married couple in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Rasheeda and Kirk exchanged their vows again in 2012. They renewed their wedding in front of their friends and family.

Caption: Rasheeda and her husband exchanging their vows again in 2012.

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Kirk has six kids altogether; four from his past relationship and two sons named Ky and Karter with his wife, Rasheeda.

Caption: The Frost family is a family goal. In picture; Kirk Frost with her husband Rasheeda and children.

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Caption: Rasheeda with her husband Kirk and sons Ky and Karter.

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Rasheeda shares a blissful married life with her husband, Kirk, and children. No doubt their love life has a roller costar ride and trust issues, but the bond that they share is something very envious. Rasheeda can’t stop herself from praising her husband’s parenting skills. In an interview with in 2013, she said-

“He’s actually just amazing, to be honest with you. He’s just been a great father, he’s been, you know, allowing me to get my rest as much as possible, and regardless of the fact that you can’t get past the crying that you hear from the baby, but he’s been really, really great."

she further added;

"You know he’s always been a good father regardless of how it looked on television as far as the things he said about ‘I’m tired of raising kids,’ and whatnot, you know. He has four adult children, you know. Over 18 [years old] kids that he was more so speaking about, but as far as him in Karter’s life, he’s just been 100% just doing his damn thing.”

Till the day, Rasheeda and her husband Kirk has remained one of the most resilient and strongest couples on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Know About Her Pregnancy Issue:

However, there were some moments where the couple had very hard time together. Rasheeda had revealed in an interview that Kirk wasn’t happy when she got pregnant in 2013. However, he couldn’t tell his wife to get an abortion. In the interview, she said;

"I got pregnant, and Kirk wasn’t happy about it. The sh*t was the real deal. He felt like he felt, and went and did what he did, and that’s him. It wasn’t no ficitious sh*t. I mean, people go through stuff, and the killer part that really be bugging me out is, the reason why people could relate so much is a lot of us been through that type of situation. The things that were going on with me and Kirk…you know what, if you’re on reality TV, and you’re going through some sh*t, then you’re going through it, and that’s what it is, and people can weigh in and say they feel like this and they feel like that, they can say what they want to say, but we have real issues. We have other sh*t that goes on in our relationship that people may not have seen just for the simple fact that it’s too many damn people on the show, and you don’t have all that camera time to speak to everybody. At the end of the day, we’re real people with real issues, with real problems, and the difference is it played out on TV with cameras in front of us, straight up and down."