Ming Lee Simmons College, Net Worth, Boyfriend

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Ming Lee Simmons was born into the life of glitz and glamour... began her modeling career at the age of... began attending college at... with regards to net worth... were the outcomes of her biological parents... showcased her boyfriend...
Ming Lee Simmons College, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Ming Lee Simmons was born into the life of glitz and glamour. As a daughter of supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons and Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons, she fell into superstardom early on.

A young Ming took to her mother's profession. At age four, she began her modeling career.

A decade later, then 14-year-old Ming made her Instagram debut. With a million followers on the social media giant, she boasts the title of an Instagram influencer.

College & Net Worth Now

Growing up, Ming idolized her mother. Like Kimora, she too wanted a life in the show-biz.

Besides the passion for fashion and modeling, Ming has seemingly inherited her mother's genetic qualities as well. The height, to be more specific.

Ming worked as a model long before she attended college at New York University to study fashion. Beyond gracing the ramp, she is also into designing clothes.

In 2019, Baby Phat - an urban clothing line, once owned by her father - was relaunched. Together with her supermodel mom and sister, Ming helped co-design the iconic streetwear's products. Baby Phat's clothes mirrored the 2000s style.

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With regards to net worth, Ming's earnings are still under review. But considering her longevity, her fortune now should be growing by the day. In contrast, her mother and father respectively garner $50 million and $340 million in net worth.

Boyfriend & Dating

Between her life as a model and a designer, Ming seemed to have very little time to spare for dating. Or that's what everybody believed. 

Surprising everyone, the Instagram model showcased her boyfriend, Timaru, in June 2017. Per her post on social media, she and Timaru had begun dating in 2016.

By 2019, Ming and Timaru's relationship had already neared its end. June that year, the split was common knowledge as Ming commenced a romance with rapper Swae Lee.

Ming Lee Simmons on a facetime with rumored boyfriend Swae Lee in June 2019 (Photo:- The Shade Room's Instagram)

Addressing the rumors of Ming and Swae's relationship, her sister Aoki claimed that the two were best friends. She, however, acknowledged the growing connection between the duo.

Bio - Age, Siblings & Parents

19-year-old Ming was born on 21st January 2000. She and her younger sister Aoki were the outcomes of her biological parents' decade long marriage.

Besides Aoki, Ming has two half-siblings: Wolfe and Kenzo. Her mother's former lover Djimon Hounsou is the father of Wolfe. Banker Tim Leissner, her mom's husband, is Kenzo's dad.

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Despite the divorce, Ming's parents - Kimora and Russell - appear to be in good terms. For instance, in 2019, Kimora and Tim asked Russell to be baby Wolfe's godfather.