A Decade-Long Love Story Of Norman Kali & Evangelina Lilly. More About Their Kids

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A Decade-Long Love Story Of Norman Kali & Evangelina Lilly. More About Their Kids

American actor Norman Kali, age 44, brought home fame with his best performance in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, but some credit goes to his girlfriend, an American actress Evangeline Lilly. 

It turns out that Norman Kali and Evangeline Lilly share a strong bond between them. But as both prefer keeping many details of their personal life at bay for their fans, not much detail has been revealed yet.

Despite their secrecy, their admirers have figured out a few things about their personal life, including Norman's bio. Keep scrolling to find your answer. 

Norman Kali Dating Co-Star; Partner As "Stay-At-Home Father"

The production assistant on the ABC hit television series, Lost, Norman Kali, has been romantically involved with the Lost actress Evangeline Lilly. As per the reports, the couple first met on the sets of Lost as Norman worked as the production assistant while Evangeline portrayed the role of Katherine Austin in the show.

However, during the beginning of the series, Evangeline was dating the Lost actor Dominic Monaghan, who played Charlie Pace in the series. They had a serious relationship, but their romance ended in 2007.

As for the romantic relationship between Norman Kali and Evangeline Lilly, they officially started dating in May 2010. As it turned out, they seemed to share an extraordinary bond with each other.

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Norman and Evangeline have been deeply in love for over a decade. Even though they prefer their relationship away from the hustle of the media, they sure seem to have found love and looking forward to cherishing it for a lifetime.

Norman Kali's Wife

Norman Kali and Evangeline Lilly start their new year by spreading love. (Photo: Instagram)

However, the couple has not yet shown any interest in exchanging the wedding vows. Norman's girlfriend has revealed that she does not believe it is necessary to get married. Likewise, Evangeline expressed that she does not feel compelled to get married.

Talking about her interests, Evangeline revealed in an interview with Dailymail in October 2015  that she gets bored seeing the bridal magazines, unlike every other 16-year-old girl. She said,

"Every other 16-year-old girl wanted to look at bridal magazines; I could not have been more bored with the notion,"

Adding to it, she divulged that she and Norman tying the nuptial knot might seem logistical, but they don't really see the need for it. She expressed saying,

"I have an American son and an American partner, so marriage might logistically make sense at one point. My partner is a stay-at-home father, so if he wants to be on my health plan, or taxwise, or maybe on paper, we want to have our I's dotted and our T's crossed, but emotionally neither of us really feels the need for it."

Despite their desire not to marry, Norman shares two kids with his partner in crime. They have a happy family of four.

Norman Kali Parenthood With Girlfriend; Lover Wants Six Kids

The Tears of the Sun star has been cherishing parenthood with his longtime girlfriend Evangelina Lilly, who has a massive net worth of $5 million. They both are the proud parents of their two children.

Evangeline, who stands at the height of 1.68 meters, gave birth to her firstborn son Kahekili Kali in May 2011. Kahekili Kali, age 11, arrived in this world after a 30-hour labor in home birth.

Norman Kali's Girlfriend and Son

Norman with girlfriend Evangeline and son Kahekili Kali in August 2011. (Photo:

Another addition to their family came after four years. The news of them expecting a new member in the family was announced in June 2015 during the Ant-Man premiere by the actress Evangeline as she showed off her baby bump.

Norman Kali's Girlfriend

Norman's girlfriend, Evangeline Lilly, in Ant-Man premiere. (Photo: DailyMail)

Months later, Evangeline gave birth to their second baby in October 2015 as she showed off her post-pregnancy body in a blue floral bikini. 

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It turns out Evangeline, already a mother of two originally wanted to have six kids. But instead, she revealed that she loved being pregnant and was looking forward to adopting four children.

Well, they sure seem like they are up to having six kids together as they have already been through the ringer in the adoption world and are looking forward to seeing what life brings next for them.

However, after being a mother of two, Evangeline's life changed drastically. 

Norman Kali's Wife Retries From Acting For Family; Director Makes Her Return 

After the end of the series Lost that took Norman's wife Evangelina to stardom, she took a break from her acting career.

According to her, during that time she was instantly launched to international stardom which made Evangelina uncomfortable with the situation. This led her to retire from the world of entertainment. 

During her retirement, Evangelina left Hollywood and moved to Hawaii with her husband to raise her two kids. During that time, she published a children's book series and even had her hands full with other writing projects.

Well, she was happy with her family of four and had no intentions of returning to the film world until Peter Jackson convinced her to join the cast of "The Hobbit." Right after the Hobbit, she was presented with a role she could not refuse. 

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She was presented with the role of  'Wasp' from Marvel which pulled her right back into the entertainment world. Well, her pregnancy it took her two whole years to get back to where her body was prior to the pregnancy for featuring as Wasp

Well, the actress has been outspoken about the challenges of working mom in the industry but having Norman by her side has made it a whole lot easier.

Norman and his girlfriend still have been going strong. We hope to hear wedding bells from the couple. 

Stay tuned to get more updates on Norman Kali.