Traci Braxton Age, Husband, Divorce, Net Worth

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Traci Braxton Age, Husband, Divorce, Net Worth

Quick Information

  • Husband/Spouse Kevin Surrat
  • Lesbian No
  • Official Site
  • Eye Color Dark Brown
  • Hair Color Black
  • Hair Long
  • Weight Loss 40 Pound
  • Weight N/A
  • Height/ How Tall? 5'8" (1.72 m)
  • Career 1989–present
  • Net Worth $800 Thousand
  • Divorce/Split Not Yet
  • Date of Birth Apr 02, 1971
  • Age 53 Years, 2 Months
  • Relationship Status Married
  • Son/s Kevin Surratt Jr.
  • Sister/s Trina Braxton, Tamar Braxton, Towanda Braxton, Toni Braxton
  • Brother/s Michael Conrad Braxton Jr.
  • Mother Evelyn Braxton
  • Father Michael Braxton
  • Ethnicity/Race African-American
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Profession Singer
  • Birth Place Severn, Maryland, United States
  • Nationality American

Right after the divorce of her sister Trina Braxton, it looked like the relationship between American R&B singer Traci Braxton and her husband was not going to last much longer. The marriage of two decades was on the brink of divorce after accusations were led at each other by both parties.

But did they eventually get divorced, or were they able to save their marriage? Continue reading to find out the answers!

Who Is Traci Braxton's Husband?

Traci and her husband, Kevin Surratt, who share a child, Kevin Surratt Jr., are also parents to two more children. The couple first met in 1993, befriended each other, and fell in love eventually.

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However, their relationship wasn't bliss all the time; they also had rough phases in their marriage, which started when the reality TV star first accused her partner of infidelity. 

Kevin, who is an actor by profession, was accused of fathering an illegitimate child during an extra-marital affair. Traci even demanded her husband take a paternity test in 2013 to disprove the rumors.

Although it is not clear whether Kevin actually had a child apart from his marriage or not, the allegations against him cheating on his wife on numerous occasions turned out to be true.

Traci Braxton with Husband Kevin Surratt

Traci Braxton with Husband Kevin Surratt (source:

But putting their differences aside, the couple decided to give their marriage a last chance by joining the 3rd Season of the popular TV series 'Marriage Boot Camp.' It was a good attempt, but things didn’t turn out as expected for the couple.

In an episode where Traci and Kevin were tasked with saying mean and derogatory things to each other, the truth of the long-lasting marriage was finally out in the media in 2014. The conversation started with Traci accusing her husband of not giving importance to his family and spending too much money on himself.

The actual words she spoke were,

“You never spend any time with me. You’re always gone. You always wanna hang around fellas all the time. You keep spending money that you’re not even supposed to be spending. You never asked me, Tracy let’s go and let’s think about buying something. But you just go ahead and you just take it yourself. Ok I’m gonna spend this money I guess cause this is what I want. You never discussed with me.”

Instead of defending himself, her husband continued the blame game and said,

“You don’t want to listen to me tight. I don’t say things the way you want me to say it. You degrade me like I’m less than you.”

Traci further added,

“You treat me like a child. You just tell me what to do all the time.”

Her husband decided to play the ultimate card in fear of losing the argument and blamed her for drinking too much. In response, Traci justified herself by saying that she liked her breakfast beer.

Traci Braxton with Her Husband

Traci Braxton and Husband on Marriage Boot Camp (source:

Traci later talked about the incident with her sisters Trina and Towanda on the We TV show "Braxton Family Values." She told,

“I was so mad with Kevin because he whispered to me, you drinking too much. I told him I think we should have a divorce.” 

She also tried to defend her drinking habits, explaining that although she loved drinking, she was not a drunk.

It was clear that the relationship that had started as a friendship and later turned into marriage was hanging on a thread that could break at any moment. However, the 'Marriage Boot Camp,' which was initially a disaster for the partners, also resulted in their redemption.

Previously, in an interview with Lenny Green, they talked about how their marriage was losing intimacy. They also discussed the role that 'Marriage Boot Camp'' played in filling their communication gaps by making them open up to each other. 

After going through some tough times, it seems like Traci and Kevin still have faith in their marriage. The marriage was finally on its way to a speedy recovery.

Maintaining a healthy marriage despite going through some terrible marital crises, Traci and her husband have welcomed the newest member of their family.

Traci has recently become a grandmother, and her son Kevin Jr., a father. Kevin Jr.'s girlfriend, Olivia Haaron, gave birth to a baby boy in May 2018.

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Although a proud grandma, Traci does not like the word and instead enjoys being called a "Duchess." 

Traci Braxton's Grandchild

Traci Braxton's Grandson (source: Instagram)

Earlier, when Olivia was pregnant with the baby in late March 2018, Traci had mentioned the reason for preferring the term "Duchess" rather than the more traditional word, grandmother. In an interview with The Grio, the reality queen had said,

“My sisters and I…when we were younger, we said if we ever have kids, and our kids have kids, our names would be duchess. That’s royalty, thats what they call the Queens when they have grandkids. So, I’m royalty.”

The arrival of a grandson has brought the Braxton family closer and helped them realize the value and importance of being together as a unit.

Braxton Family's Losses

In recent times, the Braxton family witnessed the tragic loss of lives. Traci's niece, Lauren Braxton, who is the daughter of the reality star's brother Michael Braxton, died on 29 April 2019 because of a heart condition. 

Fans were heartbroken to know about Lauren's death but were enraged when they learned that Traci's sister Tamar didn't attend the funeral. 

Tamar had justified her absence claiming her busy schedule in Atlanta for the shooting of Braxton Family Values. However, fans didn't think the excuse to be worth her absence.

Lauren's demise isn't the only death in the family, as Trina Braxton's husband Gabe Solis passed away in December 2018. Less than a year later, Traci's sister got engaged again, and might soon be married to her fiance, Von Scales.

Following the deaths of her family members, recently Traci Braxton passed away at the age of 50 on 12th March 2022 while fighting a year-long battle against cancer.

Short Bio

Traci Braxton was born in Severn, Maryland, to parents Michael Conrad Braxton Sr. and Evelyn Jackson. Her father was a Methodist clergyman and power company worker, while her mother was a pastor, a cosmetologist, and a former opera singer.

Traci, who was born in the year 1971, celebrated her birthday every year on April 2 and has a brother named Michael Conrad Braxton Jr.

Her singing career started when the Braxton sisters (Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar) signed their first record deal with Arista Records in 1989. The sisters released their first and only single as a five-person group, ‘Good Life' back in 1990. The song, however, was not a success.

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Though her sister Toni left the group in 1991, Traci, along with her other sisters, continued playing for their original band ‘The Braxtons.' The band released their debut studio album ‘So Many Ways’ in 1996. The album reached #2 on the US Heatseekers chart.

The Braxtons released their second studio album 'Braxton Family Christmas' in 2015, which reached #1 on the US Heatseekers chart. The group's single 'So Many Ways' reached #22 on the US R&B chart.

Their single 'Only Love' reached #3 in New Zealand, and their single 'The Boss' reached #1 on the US Dance chart.

In 2013, Traci hosted her own Radio Show called 'The Traci Braxton Show,' which was a success. Traci also starred in the We TV show ‘Braxton Family Values’ with her sisters in 2011. The show has already completed five seasons with 115 episodes.

Traci, who enjoyed a net worth of $800 thousand according to celebritynetworth, was a very inspiring and loving person; she will always be remembered.