34 Years BBC's Steph McGovern, is Still Single or Married? 4 Partners in Profession

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34 Years BBC's Steph McGovern, is Still Single or Married? 4 Partners in Profession

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The team of BBC Breakfast is more like a family, filled with love and occasional demonstration of hatred. Let’s just take Stephanie Mc. Govern for example. She shares a complicated relationship with some of her co-hosts. Keeping her professional life aside, there are millions who want to know about the relationship status of McGovern.

Dating a Boyfriend or Married?

Today let us try out answer all of the questions related to her personal life. Find out about who she is currently dating in her life? Also get to know more about her relationship with all her co-hosts.

Caption: BBC Business and Stand in presenter comparing Carol's feet to pigs in Feb 2016. They later patched things up.

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McGovern is believed to be married. She hasn't been spotted with a boyfriend or a partner till this date.  Is she single? Honestly, we don't know the answer to the question. She probably likes to keep her personal life private.

But it does not mean that she is a miserably lonely lady. She has colleagues to provide her with all the required company.

BBC Christmas Party:

Relationship with Female Colleagues:

McGovern is definitely not short on girlfriends as she hosts the show with four other fellow female co-hosts, She seems to bond well with Louise Minchin, Naga Munchetty @BBCNaga, and Sally Nugent @sallynugent. Her friendship with Carol Kirkwood @carolkirkwood has been somewhat sour, though. You do remember their little dispute on TV in February, don't you?

It happened when they were watching a video of McGovern reporting in the field from a farm. She happened to be in a barn full of pigs, and as she started to move, few of the pigs began to nibble at her shoes. So the stand-in business presenter tried to shake them off by running in circles, but the pigs kept on following her.

So in jest, she cheekily made a reference to just how similar the pigs were to Kirkwood.

“This reminds me of when you’ve got a packet of biscuits in your pocket, and you see Carol Kirkwood.”

Even the weather presenter herself burst into laughter. When asked what kind of crackers she was precisely talking about, McGovern further added “Any packet of biscuits. Doesn’t matter, if it even looks like a biscuit, she’s after you.”

After looking at this hilarious sight, Kirkwood also replied, “That is outrageous! Let me tell you, I’ve been on holiday many times with Steph, I’ve seen her feet, and these pigs are taking their lives in their hands!”

But they later concluded this matter without making a major issue out of it. To further prove the point to the viewers, they settled the matters while in the show accepting the request of Dan Walker, another co-host,

Carrying  Mike Bushell:

She also has a very good friendship with the male co-host of the shows, especially with the relief sports presenter, Mike Bushell @mikebreakfast. You must remember that moment in 2013 when these two participated in ‘UK Wife Carrying Race.' Unlike the name, you don’t have to be husband and wife to participate in that race. So, they participated in the race, but with a slight twist. It was McGovern who carried Bushell.

Caption: Steph McGovern and Mike Bushell participating in the annual wife-carrying race.

They had also rehearsed for the competition in the sets of BBC Breakfast earlier.  

Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards:

Stephanie McGovern is not just a great journalist but also greater human beings. She has been involved in multiple human welfare activities out of which notable ones include her presentation of the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards. She was an important part of the event that celebrated the social work and other efforts of youngsters.

There were multiple children like Freddie McDonald who managed to raise £65,000 after being diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome and 14 years old, Ella Marsden who ran 10 km every year after reaching the appropriate age. It looked like Stephanie had a blast there according to the Twitter picture below.

Steph McGovern faces Discrimination Due To Accent And Sexuality

Social discrimination and viewer displeasure due to the reporter's individual characters are not unheard of, and Stephanie is a victim of such discrimination. She has faced a lot of criticism just because of her accent and sexuality over the years.

The 35-year-old reporter confessed that people have asked to take her off the air due to her accent and received letters to get 'correction therapy.' The reporter revealed about the discrimination she received in the media business saying,

“Despite being a business journalist at the BBC for 10 years, working behind the scenes on our high-profile news programmes, I was viewed by some in the organisation to be ‘too common for telly. I remember at the end of one BBC job interview being told by the manager ‘I didn’t realise people like you were clever’. Sad, but true.”

The reporter has also received multiple letters citing their impression of her accent and sexuality, one of which even mailed her £20 to get a correction therapy.

"I even got one letter that politely said ‘Dear Ms McGovern, I watched you on BBC Breakfast. 'I’m sorry about your terrible affliction. Here’s £20 towards correction therapy’. The affliction they were talking about was my accent!”

- reviews aboutsays the BBC Breakfast host.

But the journalist stood her ground defying all criticism and said that she credits her past for this determination. The Middleborough native fondly talked about her origins saying,

Growing up in Middlesbrough I was taught to be resilient and competitive. My teachers made us believe that just because kids were at private school up the road, it didn’t mean they were better than us. I learned we were all the same. Just because their mams and dads had loads of money, it didn’t make a difference."  The BBC bosses who put me on air have always said they love my accent. My editor Alison Ford was a big inspiration and she died of cancer two weeks ago. She put me on telly and she had other BBC managers say ‘Is she not too common for telly?’ But Alison fought for me.

She also confessed that she has also received positive reviews about her work but always gets put off by the negative ones citing her experience of meeting a random woman on the street who called her out on her accident and asserted that she hated Steph's accent and that she couldn't believe she was on Television. However, Steph insisted that she always looks on the bright side of things saying,

 I ended up laughing because I thought, ‘this person doesn’t know me but she felt she could come up and slate my accent’. Now if she had criticised my content and said I didn’t know what I was talking about I would have been upset, but she had judged me on my voice, which was ridiculous.

She also talked about her experience with other negative viewers, especially mails where she gets suggested to receive therapy for her 'ailment' citing her accent as an illness and ones which suggest her to go back to her cpouncil estate. Obviously she doesn't mind them but she confessed that she was flabbergasted that people could create such controversy and drama over accent in the current age of mutual acceptance.

For the 34-year-old reporter who was born in 1982, not much seems to be going in her life other than her job. Having attended the University College London studying Science Communication and Policy, Steph was later hired as the new co-host of the ‘Watchdog’ alongside the replacement host Nikki Fox @FoxNikkiFox, the disability correspondent of BBC News. She will also be hosting the 2016 Gold Awards.

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